lunedì 31 ottobre 2011

Musical tip: MERCAN DEDE

I believe that Mercan Dede is one of the Adam’s and Eve’sons like us. But somehow he can decode and understand the divine inspiration/prophecy. Because I think this kind of music which take you away from the secular world to the inner, spiritual one that their source has to be divine. And this kind of music is felt like telling stories from ancient times. Mercan Dede may use modern technology but what he and his music tell us is belong to ancient times. Art of Islamic Sufism, like music and poetry, are basically written and played as a route to reaching Allah and these products of art are usually mention “divine love”. Because like Mevlana said, “There are too many ways to reach Allah but love is the shortest one.” Mercan Dede’s music is one of these ways and I believe that he and his music his way is the shortest one. 

Feyza Betül Aydın,
from Istanbul, 23 years old, studies modern turkish literature, speaks turkish, english, arabic and a little bit of persian, likes Italo Calvino and right now is reading "Il Cimitero di Praga" of Umberto Eco.
Openminded and always ready to listen "my story", or to give me musical or readings tips and explanation about Islam. 
Almost everyday we drink tea toghether at Eskikafa.:)

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  1. touched!
    “There are too many ways to reach Allah but love is the shortest one.”
    greatings from Sicily!