domenica 30 giugno 2013

EU Energy Roadmap 2050: a trade off between climate change policies and competitiveness?

This is a brief paragraph of the European Energy Roadmap 2050.
It clearly describes one of the principal problems in implementing decarbonisation policies: international isolation and industrial competitiveness.
Someone says that EU don't take any care about this issue, but this paragraph let us understand that this criticism is not completely true.

Implementing the Energy Roadmap 2050, the EU will need to consider progress, and concrete action, in other countries. Its policy should not develop in isolation but take account of international developments, for example relating to carbon leakage and adverse effects on competitiveness. A potential trade-off between climate change policies and competitiveness continues to be a risk for some sectors especially in a perspective of full decarbonisation. The overall cost of investments depends strongly on the policy, regulatory and socio-economic framework and the economic situation globally. As Europe has a strong industrial base and needs to strengthen it, the energy system transition should avoid industry distortion and losses especially since energy remains an important cost factor for industry. Safeguard against carbon leakage will have to be kept under lose review in relation to efforts by third countries. As Europe pursues the path towards greater decarbonisation, there will be a growing need for closer integration with neighbouring countries and regions and building energy interconnections and complementarities. The opportunities for trade and cooperation will require a level playing field beyond the European borders.

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